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Mobile phones with social media applications and tools are spreading like fire among the people so, why should you lack behind. Here are some of the social media applications & tools that you might like:


Twitxr is the best way to share your photos with your friends using your iPhone or iPod Touch. With Twitxr you can take a photo and instantly upload it and share it with your friends on Twitxr, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Picasa


Tweetie is a fast, full-featured twitter client for iPhone and iPod touch. It offers everything you’d expect – from your timeline to trends – all with an incredibly polished user interface, fantastic performance, and unparalleled ease-of-use.


iBlogger brings real mobile blogging to the iPhone for the first time. Compatible with nearly any blog (WordPress, ExpressionEngine, MovableType, TypePad, and many more), you can blog with Pictures, Tags, Categories, Links, and Location at the touch of a finger. All this in an easy to use, robust application which has the quality and polish you expect on iPhone and iPod Touch.

WordPress for mobile:

Robust but simple to use, the WordPress for iPhone Open Source application allows you to create and edit content on your WordPress blog(s) with support for offline use.


Twidroyd (f.k.a Twidroid) is the leading full-featured Twitter client for Android. Check for all features and news. To use this app you need an account at


Read what you like and blog what you think. Blog writer and RSS reader all in one app on your iPhone/iPod touch at a low price.
For your peace of mind, try the free version BlogWriter Lite before purchase. Please note that the lite version can only do text blogging.
Supported Services:
– Google Blogger ( /
– MSN Live Spaces
– Self-host WordPress blogs
– MetaWeblog access enabled blogs


OrbitTM social phonebook is an application that will change the way you interact with your contacts while on-the-go. Orbit organizes your communications (Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS, etc.) in one place, groups your friends so you can decide how often and how much you hear from them…giving you the power to keep things quiet or receive real-time notifications about your contacts.


Really helpful Twitter Tools

Twitter today has hundreds of tools, you just type twitter tools in your search engine and you get more than thousand of results. But the problem is replication, you get all common tools/ sites in most of these result links. Well now the tools I have in the store to share with you are some of those very good, very useful and top rated tools which you might have not come across yet.

Starting with the Hootsuite, which I use a lot for my multiple social media accounts and simply love it. I came across Mixero, the new generation desktop twitter client for people who value their time. Its also a bit like hootsuite. You can manage twitter & facebook accounts here.

FollowFriday, the popular hash tag (#FollowFriday or #FF). Friday arrives and you start checking who are the people you want to FF. The twitter tag project for FollowFriday saves a lot of your time by suggesting you the best active friends you should FF.
TweetStats, once you are comfortable with twitter you wish to check out your tweet status. Tweetstats Graph your Twitter Stats including : Tweets per hour, per month, Tweet timeline, Reply statistics.

MyTweeple is another tool I used till I found Refollow. Though Mytweeple is still one of my favorite Refollow helps you discover, manage,and protect your twitter social circle. You can group, sort, discover, filter, follow, unfollow and block users.

Well thanks to twtbase after a long time i found something different and helpful for my social media, especially twitter. You can get various such sites and tools on twtbase, including the mobile social media tools which i’ll be writing on soon.